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Use Heat Blocking Window Treatments To Beat The Hot Temperatures This Summer

Use Heat Blocking Window Treatments

Scorching heat, bright sun, and long days are right around the corner. The perfect season for enjoying natural light inside of your house and enjoying a beautiful view of the outside is the summer. Whenever you are uncomfortable due to excess heat, choosing the right window treatments, like Houston roller blinds, may be the best decision that you can make to beat the hot temperature since turning on your fan or AC can increase your utility bills. Our leading heat-blocking window treatments can help you easily balance the temperature inside of your house with the outdoors, and that can help your house stay cool, and also help you save money

Heat Blocking Window Treatments Keep Your House Cool During The Summer 

During the summer, a majority of the heat comes into your house via the windows. When a window treatment is installed that is designed specifically for energy efficiency, it will allow you to reduce your home’s ambient temperature this summer.

The following are the best heat-blocking window treatments you can think about using in your house:

  1. Best Solar Shades to Block Heat

In terms of blocking heat while still maintaining the view, solar window shades are ideal. The shades are available in various openness factors (6%-14% and 1%-5%) which are responsible for the amount of light that will enter your house and the amount you will be able to see through your windows. They are ideal for hard to reach and large windows which get direct sunlight. They can protect your furnishings and home from glare and harmful UV rays also.

  1. Cellular Honeycomb Energy Efficient Shades

The shades are another good option for reducing utility bills by blocking the summer heat and diffusing natural light into your house. the cell pockets trap the air and also create a barrier against noise pollution, cold, and heat.

Cellular Honeycomb Energy Efficient Shades

Cellular shades come in various light controlling features – room darkening, blackout, and light filtering. Room darkening and blackout shades are great at blocking out unwanted light that prevents heat gain and also will save on your energy bills. There is the option for customizing your products according to your preference and home decor since they come with top-down bottom, top-down, or motorized uplifts. Top down bottom up Cellular Shades lower your shades down from the top to allow the light into your house. If you would like privacy then the bottom half can be closed.

The shades also come in a wide range of patterns, textures, and colors, so select them accordingly so they will fit your house the best.

  1. Motorized Heat Blocking Exterior Solar Shades

During the summer, you should also consider your exterior areas. Those spaces are ideal for relaxing and spending time with family and friends. However, too much heat or light can be irritating for everybody, and that is why exterior solar shades will be the best to use in outdoor spaces. The shades are made out of PVC and polyester fabric, which will reduce the amount of solar heat gain and maintain privacy and natural light at the same time.

Outdoor solar shades come with motorized features that ensure they are safe for houses with pets and children. You can use them from anyplace in the house using your smartphone or a remote-controlled button.  

So order these at an affordable price to create a more attractive and beautiful exterior.   

  1. Hang Curtains In Order To Bright Up Your House

Window curtains are a very popular option if you would like to have a stylish house, but would like to keep out the heat and control the light during the summer. Use bright colored and lightweight curtains to provide your room with a beautiful feeling both outside and inside.

We provide you with a broad range of fabric and textures for your window curtains that can complement your complete home decor.

Hang Curtains In Order To Bright Up Your House

  1. For Total Light Blockage Use Blackout Fabric

Blackout window shades may help your house to completely block the light out and keep the area comfortable and cool. Instead of blocking the heat, they are perfect for a good night’s sleep and are great for media rooms, bedroom, and baby nurseries.

They come in different lift options, colors, styles, and are well-suited for all types of rooms.

For example, you could opt for our leading motorized blackout roller shades. The shades can be operated using a remote control. These are ideal for obstructing harmful UV rays, excess light, and heat.

  1. Install Shutters This Summer

If you have large windows that will allow in more harsh sunlight and heat. So think about installing window shutters for complete privacy and light blockage. Plantation window shutters can make a big difference to your house in terms of beauty and style. They even block out 99% of dangerous UV rays whenever the louvers are closed. 

When you are wanting to bring natural beauty to your house, the best choice is wood shutters.

  1. Block The Heat Using Eco-Friendly Natural Shades

You may be wondering how natural shades can help your house block the light out. However, they actually do and are a popular heating blocking window treatment. These shades are made out of bamboo, wood, etc. and add color to your home decor. Add liners to increase heat blocking, privacy, insulation and light control.

Block The Heat Using Eco-Friendly Natural Shades

Use Heat Blocking Window Treatments To Stay Cool This Summer

This summer we would like to keep all of our customers comfortable and happy. So select the best and affordable heat-blocking window treatments so that your home is kept comfortable and cool so that you can enjoy your summer without any worries.

Are you not sure which one you should choose?  If so, order free samples from us to make sure you get the very best style for your home. Get easy customization and free shipping benefits when you order. So don’t wait. Order today and beautifully decorate your windows.

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