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Tips on Ducted Air Conditioning Installation for Home Improvements!

Tips on Ducted Air Conditioning Installation for Home Improvements!

It adds up to a lot of sense if you want to ensure that you can reduce the air temperature in your home through ducted air conditioning installation. The installation does not mean it cannot be affordable as it is not cheap.

Experts like Apex can certainly answer your questions about the installation costs if you are looking to have ducted air conditioning installed. We are going to share all about ducted air conditioning here today if you want to have an idea of the costs which are involved.

What Are the Ducted Air Conditioning Systems?

To a window mounted, wall mounted, or portable, “monobloc” system, a ducted air conditioning system is also known as a “central” or “fixed” system which can be a more powerful and efficient alternative. Ducted air conditioning systems allow a comfortable temperature typically between 20 degrees C and 23 degrees C which needs to be maintained in a home or office all the year round as ducted air conditioning systems are available in cooling only or cooling and heating models.

Ducted air conditioning systems also “condition” the air removing dust, smoke, and other impurities and creates a hygienic, hypoallergenic environment in which to live and work as a matter of facts as they also affect the temperature.

What Are the Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

How Ducted Air Conditioning Operates?

Typically in a ceiling void and cooled or heated air which is circulated throughout a room, or rooms through diffusers mounted on the walls or ceiling as the ducted air conditioning units are usually concealed completely.

Before blowing the air back into a room and the heat which is carried away to an outdoor condenser unit where it is dissipated, in cooling mode, it is similar to the other forms of air conditioning an indoor unit which cools, dehumidifies and purifies the air.

The “refrigerant” becomes a low-pressure liquid before being pumped once again to the indoor coil where the cycle is repeated as this is a special chemical which is used to carry heat.

So that heated air is circulated throughout your home, in the heating mode, the presence of a heat pump allows the process to be reversed.

The entire home is intended to be cooled through the ducted conditioning. The cool air is dispersed through the home using a series of ducts, as it operates from a central cooling unit. Adding to the cost, as you can imagine this requires a larger cooling capacity than window-mounted air con.

Than it does from purchasing the unit and ducts which are involved, this cost actually results in more from the installation which is involved. During the installation process, there is a lot of work which needs to be carried out. The installation can only be carried out by licensed professionals is what it means.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Ducted Systems?

Then the other “split” or wall mounted systems, the ducted air conditioning systems are typically more efficient. To be matched very precisely to the requirements of your home, variable fan speed or “inverter” technology allows the cooling or the heating capacity of a unit.
Allowing the flexibility to digitally control one specific area several areas or the whole of your home with the same degree of efficiency, the ducted systems are usually designed to provide cooling or heating in distinct multiple zones.

Since they extract excess moisture from the air, the ducted systems also perform well in conditions of high humidity. Into the ceiling of a room, as its operation is very quiet, all the equipment required can be installed.

When it comes to the other forms of air conditioning and can be very expensive to install as well as to run particularly if not split into zones as the ducted air conditioning systems are generally less flexible. On the size of your home and the number of rooms which require air conditioning and the installation which is typically more expensive and more disruptive than that of other air conditioning systems, the overall cost of ducted air conditioning systems depends on this. It may not be possible to install ducting into the ceiling occasionally.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Ducted Systems

What Is the Actual Cost of the Ducted Unit?

Due to its complex nature, the cost of installing ducted air con is likely to be high. Depending on various considerations, there are other costs which are involved:

What is the required size of the system?
What is the exact area of the property?
What number of outlets and zones are required?
Is there is a requirement for vertical ducting?

It is important to note that you should never try to reduce purchase costs by “making do” with a smaller system than what is necessary at this point. You will probably need to have it switched on permanently as it will not cool your home effectively. It raises your energy costs, and not only does this reduce the lifespan of the system.

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When it comes to a ducted air con systems, there is no one size fits all so prices do vary here. You should expect to pay around the following amounts as a general idea.

For a small house or apartment, it costs around $6,000 for systems.
It costs around $10,000 to $12,000 when it comes to systems for an average single story home.
It costs around $15,000 for a two-story home.

What Can You Learn from the Quotes?

It is a good idea when you are looking to have ducted air installed as with any purchase. You can compare the prices but you can also check out the recommendations which are made and query any discrepancies is what this means. To become better informed before you take your final decision, this all will help you a lot.

A ducted air con system is not cheap to install, but it can be an extremely efficient way of cooling your home, making it a good investment in the long term as you can see. As to what size of the system you need, you should always seek the advice of experts and should never try and save money by neglecting their advice as it may prove costly to you in the long-term.

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