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What Is A Jute Rug And Why Do You Need It?

What Is A Jute Rug And Why Do You Need It?

Why are area rugs valuable? Do you really need them? What is a jute rug? In this article, we will discuss the benefits and different types of jute rugs.

Jute area rugs play an attractive role when it comes to floor covering. But did you know that it also has a positive impact on your air quality and home’s beauty? When you place it on top of your carpet, it can trap spills, abrasive oils, and traffics. It can also slow down your carpet’s wear process. After all, it is cheaper and easier to replace a jute rug than an entire carpet.

Furthermore, if you are living with someone who has asthma or allergies, a jute rug is a must-have. Why? Because it can act as a filter for any airborne contaminants that can trigger their sensitivity. As a matter of fact, jute rugs are easy to clean. You have to vacuum them regularly, then you are fine. However, you must not use a jute rug in your bathroom or kitchen since their material cannot absorb water.

According to homeowners, jute rugs are affordable alternatives to add warmth and texture to your home. They are also less expensive compared to other rug materials. If you are on the hunt for something that can withstand high-traffic space, jute rug is the one for you.

What Are The Different Types of Jute Rugs?

There are two types of jute rugs. These are handspun and bordered jute rugs. Most of these items came from India since jute fiber is mainly produced in India.

Bordered Jute Rugs

Bordered jute rugs are the most recommended by homeowners due to its reasonable price point. It also has a cleaner look and a wide variety of colors. The majority of these items are woven in a simple boucle or herringbone weave. The jute rug backings are often made with natural latex, while the border came from linen or cotton. Being a natural fiber, jute rugs are environmentally friendly and is biodegradable.

Bordered Jute Rugs

Hand Spun Jute Rugs

Handspun rugs are chunkier or thicker than the bordered ones. The majority of these items come in golden brown, which is the natural color of jute. One of the popular choices of homeowners is jute rugs with heave boucle weave. It is because they are more rustic and homely looking compared to the bordered rugs.

So, we are hoping that the information above answered all of your questions. Jute rugs are a great option when it comes to protecting your hardwood floor. They are also versatile enough to complement any home decor or style. You must even know that a jute rug is very durable. It can withstand your pets and family members running around.

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