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How to Select the Appropriate Decorative Concrete Finishes?

How to Select the Appropriate Decorative Concrete Finishes?

Concrete is used worldwide and famous for its strength and hardness. The characteristics and the versatility of a concrete structure depend on the ratio and the mixture of the materials used to create the concrete. But the first thing we notice when we see a concrete structure is its finish. Thus, a decorative concrete finish will make your concrete surface look more attractive. The better the finish the more attractive and beautiful it looks.

The Four Basic Decorative Concrete Finishes Are:

#1. Broom Finish: It is the simplest outdoor decorative concrete finish. It is usually applied on walkways and small lanes. In a broom-finished concrete, a broom is dragged across the concrete floor thus giving a broom-finish texture. Giving a broom finish to a concrete surface is like art. You can create beautiful textures by using broom differently. But most importantly the broom should be dragged from one point to another at one go. There are different types of broom available made of different materials like wood, plastic or aluminum. The bristle materials are also available in different types. They can be of horse-hair, nylon or polypropylene. Broom finish is popular because it is economical and easy to apply and durable. It also provides a better grip in wet conditions. It can be made more beautiful by adding colors to create different shades.

Broom Finish

#2. Exposed Concrete: This type of concrete finish leaves the mixture of the concrete exposed thus creating a pebbled texture. The exposed concrete finish is given by removing to the top layer of the concrete and thus revealing the stones. To give exposed decorative concrete finish, the surface of the raw concrete is treated with a special chemical that stops the top layer of cement from drying. The exposed concrete finish is appropriate for outdoor concrete surfaces where more grip is needed. The main advantage of this finish is that it provides a very good grip in wet conditions also.

#3. Sand-Washed Finish: Sand washed concrete is somehow similar to exposed aggregate in their finishing process, but they differ in the composition of the concrete mixture. The sand washed finish has a higher percentage of small sand-sized particles, therefore when the top layer of the surface is washed off, the concrete gets a sandpaper-like decorative concrete finish. The smooth texture of sand finish looks good mostly around the pool areas, where it resembles wet sand. Another advantage of sand finish is that it comes with a number of color options. By using different colors, you can create different textures which will give the concrete surface and artistic look. After installing sand washed concrete at your home, the household will come alive and you and your family will love this concrete surface for years to come.

Sand-Washed Finish

#4. Stamped Concrete Finish: Stamped decorative concrete finish is used to give the surface a texture which resembles stones, bricks, tiles, woods, and many other beautiful textures. A dye is mixed with the concrete to give it a base color. The textures are created using stamps. There are different types of stamps available in the market which makes different textures. Nowadays stamped concrete finish is in trend. Though, it can be slippery when wet.

Years ago, concrete was considered as the utilitarian construction material, but today, concrete comes in a variety of colors, applications, and uses. decorative concrete finishes make your home looks more beautiful than just applying the traditional one. You should select appropriate concrete finishes that suit your lawn and at the same time enhances the beauty of your house. If you select polished concrete and decorative finishes, then you don’t have to worry about its durability because it will last up to 20 years.

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