Save Money by Following These Home Maintenance Tips

Every homeowner loves finding ways to save money, and home maintenance is a great place to cut costs. After all, you can’t control your mortgage, HOA fees, or utility rates, but you can decide how much you reinvest into your home. In this article, we’ll share some of the best ways you can save money on your home’s maintenance and upkeep while still keeping your home in its best possible condition.

Schedule preventative maintenance

When you find cracks in your foundation, the very first thing you wonder is if you are going to have leaks. Water finds its way into your basement through cracks if they are big enough, and you can have an issue with a wet basement or crawl space. You will need to call a professional as soon as possible  to check for foundation leaks.

Ever talk with your neighbors and wonder why their home—which is about the same age and build as yours—just seems to have fewer problems and expenses? In many cases, their secret isn’t just good luck: it’s preventative maintenance. Upkeep and care for the home and everything in it helps prevent major, headache-inducing problems. And while it requires some upfront investment, the money it saves in the long run can be significant.

One of the most effective forms of preventative maintenance is an HVAC tune-up. Call your locally trusted HVAC company to schedule a spring AC tune-up and a fall furnace inspection. By allowing the technician to catch small issues early and get the unit running at its maximum efficiency, preventative maintenance helps prevent breakdowns and the need for heating and cooling repair. It also gives your system an energy-efficiency boost for the season ahead. An annual HVAC tune-up can even extend the lifespan of your cooling and heating system.

Know when to do it yourself (and when to call a pro!)

We live in a DIY-friendly world. Want to install a new thermostat? There are hundreds of video tutorials online to walk you through every step of the process. Interested in laying your own tile, but not sure where to start? There are more walkthroughs and tips online than you probably know what to do with. Today’s homeowners have access to more resources than ever before, which makes do-it-yourself projects accessible and beginner-friendly. 

Taking care of your own upkeep, maintenance, and home improvements can save you a ton of money, but it’s also important to know your limits. Some projects just aren’t right for a DIY approach. If it’s overly complex or a potential danger to yourself or to your home, you’re better off bringing in a professional. For example, if you have a roof leak, call a professional roofer. Attempting to scale your own roof and fix the problem yourself is risky, could result in further damage, and is unlikely to permanently repair the roof, anyway. The same thing goes for repairs that involve your plumbing, electrical, HVAC systems, or home’s structure.

Take care of your home’s essentials first

Let’s face it: no one’s budget (or time) is unlimited. If you’re finding that home maintenance is just too much to keep up with, it’s time to slow things down and refocus on the essentials. After all, your home isn’t going to fall apart if the baseboards aren’t cleaned. You won’t have thousands of dollars in damages if you don’t dust that vent hood. You can’t, however, say the same thing about putting off roof repair or procrastinating on fixing a leaking water heater.

If you have to choose, take care of the essentials before working on anything else in your home. This includes maintaining your roofing, HVAC systems, pipes and plumbing, electrical, and your home’s structure and foundation. By at least keeping these aspects of your home in good shape, you’ll avoid the most expensive home repairs, allowing you to build your “rainy day” budget in the coming months.

For a full breakdown of everything you should be doing to take care of your home and keep costly repairs at bay, check out this infographic from the team at ABC Cooling, Heating & Plumbing in Hayward, California. It has information on just how much you can save with the right approach to home maintenance!

home maintenance tips that save money

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