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10 tips to improve the Exterior Look of Your Farm House

10 tips to improve the Exterior Look of Your Farm House

10 tips to improve the Exterior Look of Your Farm House:- A home’s exterior reveals the character, personality and history at a glance.

A farmhouse with an alluring exterior makes you think of charming porches, manicured gardens and a welcoming front door that lures everyone to walk in and take the load off.  

However, a dull-looking exterior gives an impression of a rundown farmhouse

To prevent this, there are simple things you can do to make your farmhouse go from lack-lustre to appealing. 

Remember, you don’t need a major overhaul. Subtle design and small upgrades work wonders. 

10 tips to improve the Exterior Look of Your Farm House

So here are ten tips to improve the exterior look of your farmhouse

  1. Spruce-up the lawn

Overgrown plants and lawns prevent your farmhouse from shining. Sprucing up your lawn helps in maintaining the curb appeal. 

Regularly mow your grass, pull out weeds and rake leaves. Water the lawns to prevent brown spots. For drier areas, go for artificial turf and shrub beds instead of grass. 

Replace the hedges with beautiful plants with flowers and add charm to your front yard with a white picket fence.

The whole goal of sprucing up your lawn is to brighten and lighten the exterior while staying true to the farmhouse’s original spirit. 

  1. Design a clear path 

A well designed walkway creates a unique flair to your farmhouse. 

Redesign the existing concrete walkways/pavers with bricks or stone or using visual cues like plants and lightning to line up a clear path leading to the front door.

For a quirky factor, use recycled planters and opt for cobblestone for a modern feel and look. Cobblestones add an interesting and unique texture and aesthetic, are easy to maintain and highly durable. 

Try using different shapes and colors of natural stone pavers for a unique exterior. 

  1. Go green

Adding fresh flowers and greenery is an obvious and impactful way of boosting the exterior of your farmhouse. 

Furthermore, it’s DIY and affordable. You can start a garden, opt to add window boxes and planters. 

Use planters to frame visual points like entryways or windows. You can add standing or hanging planters.  

Remember, just a few plant arrangements significantly adds beauty to your farmhouse exterior appearance. 

  1. Add front door décor 

Wreaths are not just Christmas décor. 

Add some flair to your front door with a wreath. You can opt for preserved or dried floral and green wreath, and for a one-time purchase, choose faux plants.  

Avoid season elements in the wreaths. Instead, opt for a once-off and simple wreath that captures the beauty and elegance in all seasons.

Add front door décor 

  1. Freshen the paint 

Freshen up your farmhouse paint with crisp high-gloss paint hues for a rustic feel and twist.

Combining natural wood with white and black adds an elegant, classic and contemporary look. For example, you can paint the windows white and add black shutters. 

Most painting jobs are DIY so you can change it regularly. 

Paint the whole house exterior with tones that blend but make the front door stand out with bolder colors that enhance and accentuates the other exterior hues. For example, if you paint your exterior a cream-color have a  gray-blue or aqua door. 

Add a welcoming look to your garage door by staining it. Use bold and warm stains to avoid color crashing your other exterior look. 

Don’t forget to repaint the mailbox.

  1. Embrace symmetry

A symmetrical pattern helps create a focal point that instantly puts your farmhouse together, making it more pleasing. 

Symmetrical landscapes add a sense of stability, uniformity, balance, order and intentionality to your exterior space. 

To achieve symmetrical designs, keep the plants trimmed in a certain shape and level to balance the look. Create a mirror-image look on both sides of your front door. To add some spontaneity, use plants with an array of texture, sizes and colors planted in a unique and free-flowing design. 

  1. Add more light 

Dark entryways are lackluster and inhospitable. 

Enhance the exterior look by  adding light fixtures to your porch, front and garage doors.  

Clean off rubble and cobwebs around your farmhouse outdoor lighting fixtures to instantly  make it clean and bright. Additionally, add more light sources like solar-powered lanterns or porch string lights and replace any broken lighting fixtures.  

A well-executed and strategically placed lighting fixture enhances your farmhouse features, adds security and safety, and increases value while giving it an overall curb appeal. 

  1. Boost your porch

 A well-tended porch creates a functional space that is perfect for relaxing and entertaining. 

Boost your porch by repairing on all cracks, fading and chips. You can opt for epoxy flooring, which is durable and waterproof.Additionally, you can choose different designs and colors that augment your porch’s look while complementing your exterior decor.  

Install a pergola for added shade and elegance. Splurge on a porch swing for a laid-back vibe. Line-up classic rocking chairs or antiques for a vintage look.

Wash your porch and sidings to remove grime and dirt and repaint the worn parts with to bring out your porch’s character and beauty.

  1. Add new hardware

Replace the old and existing door and window hardware with something classic or modern. Choose brass hardware for black doors or black hardware on white doors. Ensure your hardware color contrasts with the windows and door paint color. 

Add personality, character and charm with a door knocker. 

  1. Fix it up

Tiny flaws can ruin the look of your farmhouse exterior. 

So, repair chipped paint, a dirty and cracked roof, burned out bulbs, ripped screens and anything that looks worn down, including neglected furniture. 

Hide electrical fixtures using camouflage hues, fix sagging doors, leaks, drafts and edges through realignment, weather sealing and installing new components. 

Clean and repair the gutters to remove sediment, twigs, leaves, and install gutter guards to give your roof a charming appeal.

When the homes start to age, they often create problems related to their crawl spaces, including sagging or unlevel floors. The cause of these problems will depend, to a certain extent, on your geographical location. If it isn’t repaired on time, it will eventually affect the home’s structural integrity. The best way to determine the cost of fixing a crawl space problem is to contact a foundation repair professional and ask them to come out for an inspection (most do them for free) and estimate.

Bottom Line 

Your farmhouse will be back to its original glory when you apply some of the above tips to improve its exterior. Adding a few twists will not only give it a fresh look but also bring out your style and personality.   

So, put in some effort and enjoy a charming and appealing farmhouse.

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