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Creative Way to Decor Mini Home with Your Budget

Creative Way to Decor Mini Home with Your Budget

Did you just move-in to a new house or want to revamp your house, then there are many creative ways to décor it within your budget. Most people give in halfway because they either run out of ideas or they exhaust their budget way too quickly. Then, there are a few people who clutter their house with furniture and other decorative items. Being minimalistic can make your home look stylish, and it will be easy on your pockets, too.

Here are a few creative ideas to consider when decorating a mini home within your budget:

  • Wall paint: You can start decorating your house only after you paint the walls. This is the first step to decorate your house. However, you have to consider the style of your furniture and the colour of your curtains before you choose wall colours. The style of your house depends on the colour you choose. It is advisable to use lighter and neutral shades which allow you to experiment with other decorative elements. If you paint the walls with brighter colours, then it leaves you with fewer options later. You can also check textured wall paints. Textured wall paints will for sure give a modern look to your home.
  • Lighting: Lighting plays a vital role in making your home look stylish. You can do the usual lighting system like the rest of the world, or choose something cooler and stylish. Since, you spend most of your time at home in the living room, you could at least choose designer lights for your living room. You can experiment with pendant lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, etc. If you are opting for a floor lamp, then you must make sure there is enough floor area. Lighting definitely makes your home stand apart. It is important to invest on it wisely.


  • Sofa and other seating furniture: Like we mentioned earlier, most people clutter their home with too much furniture. It definitely gives a cosier feel but it leaves you with no space for anything else. Home is a place where you do everything. So, make sure to keep enough space to do these things. You can look through some modern furniture online and choose whatever you think will suit your space and budget. You have to also make sure they match with the wall colour and lighting and other elements.

Sofa and other seating furniture

  • Floor rugs: This is one of the must have items in your home. It is a way to make your home look cosier without actually cluttering it with too many items. The colour of the rug and its size are the only things you have to consider while buying a rug. Usually, the floor rug must be in contrast to the rest of the room. When you are looking for modern furniture online, you may want to add a floor rug to the cart.

Floor rugs

  • Wall hangings: You can show off your taste for fine art through wall hangings. You can use either contemporary artwork or fusion, just make sure it fits in with the rest of the things. It shouldn’t stand out way too much either, otherwise it will steal attention from your furniture, walls, and everything you worked so hard for while decorating your living room. If you don’t want to use a painting, then go for family portraits or wall clocks etc. Wall clocks can be digital if you want to achieve a modern look

Wall hangings

  • Cushion covers and curtains: While we recommend you use lighter tones for your walls and furniture, we also suggest choosing vibrant colours for your cushion covers and curtains. If you are using a wall clock or a family portrait instead of a painting, then you can exhibit your taste for fine arts by choosing artistic cushion covers. And same applies to curtains in the living room. However, you have to make sure that they suit the theme and goes with rest of the things in your home. Cushion covers and curtains define the tone of your home.

Cushion covers and curtains

  • Decorative objects: There are many home décor products that you can use at your home. Be it a incense burner, or a vase, or scented candles – they add life to your home. They prove that you pay attention to details and your taste is sophisticated. These home décor products will also fit within your budget. One thing that you have to keep in mind while buying these decorative objects is that you don’t want too many of them. Again, minimalistic is stylish.\

Decorative objects

  • Bedroom furniture and lighting: Once you are done with your living room, you can work on your bedroom. Since it is your personal space, you can decorate it as you want. You can choose a bed size that leaves enough space for you to move around. Bedsheet and pillowcase covers can be of colours and designs of your choice. However, one suggestion is that you need not limit the designer lights to the living room, but also experiment here. A bedside table lamp or a pendant lamp will even set the mood of the bedroom.

Bedroom furniture and lighting

  • Side and centre tables: Centre tables are one of the essential items for a living room. If you want to give your living space a modern look, then you can opt for a table with a glass top. This applies for side tables, too. You can either choose completely glass or a mix of glass and wood table. Glass contributes to the sophistication quotient of your living room. There are many variations available, just add a centre and side table to your cart when you are looking for modern furniture online.
  • TV cabin: Everyone has a television in their living rooms. Though you can hang your televisions to the walls these days, a TV cabin around it makes it look so much better. It also gives you some space for placing your home décor products like a vase etc. You can even keep your magazines and other books inside the TV cabin.

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