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6 Tips for a Superbly Organized Move to a New Home

6 Tips for a Superbly Organized Move to a New Home

Moving to a new place is often a cause of stress. There are just so many things to consider in ensuring that the process covers all the essentials and everything goes smoothly. It is such a huge responsibility that it can frazzle even naturally organized folks.

But, like with most things in life, the challenge of organizing a move is made easier with careful planning. Even if you do not have friends to help you out, you can still get the job done like an expert, it’s just a matter of knowing the crucial steps to take and the effective hacks that have worked for others.

To help you with that, here are six fantastic tips known to make moves thoroughly organized.

1.  Get Yourself a Binder.

Head to a local school supplies store and purchase a binder that comes with clear film packets. This will serve as your “all-in-all” organizer for the move. You are to keep allimportant paperwork in this binder.

Each film packet will hold a particular type of paperwork. For a move, you will have the following:

  • Checklist – This holds information on all the tasks and items that you need to stay on top of for the move such as appointments with the bank and utility companies.
  • Inventory List – This will detail all the possessions that you will be bringing with you to the move.
  • Realtor Contract and Notes
  • Utility Bills and Receipts – These are pieces of evidence you need to have with you in order to avoid confusion regarding what you have already paid for.
  • Removal and Transport Services Contract, Warranties and Notes
  • Schedule – This lists the dates and times of all the activities for the move.
  • Important Contact Numbers – These are the contact information of family and friends, your realtor, the movers, doctors, former employers, and important services. You may have these saved on your phone but having them all printed on paper is actually more convenient.
  • Family or Personal Records – These include your marriage contract, children’s birth certificates, school records, passports and similar document

This binder with all its categories will provide you with quick access to documents that you may need to present in the future, as well as an easily viewable reference for important tasks. To make it even more organized, add tabs and labels.

Move to a New Home

2.  Color-Code Boxes of Items According to the Rooms Where They Will Go.

Assign a particular color for every room of the house you will be moving into and then color-code the boxes of items according to these rooms. This way, you will make your removalists’ job a whole lot easier.

For this, purchase several sheets of round stickers in different colors. Also, create a color-coded moving legend as a reference for you and the removalists.

3.  Create a Handy “Moving Box.”

This box should hold the most commonly used packaging supplies and other essentials. It should include scissors, cutters, rope, labels, markers, tape, plastic bags, and others.

When you need to get some packing done, all you have to do is bring this box with you. No more wasting time looking around for packing essentials because everything is in just one container.

4.  Do Not Scrimp on the Bubble Wrap and Packing Paper.

If you have a lot of fragile or breakable items, you will need a lot of bubble wrap and packing paper. These packaging supplies will protect such valuables during transit.

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5. Put All Small Items Such as the Nuts and Bolts Orscrews of Furniture and Appliances in Resealable Bags.

These tiny items can easily get lost, so buy small resealable bags for them. Indicate what they are for in the bags they go into. This way, assembling furniture and appliances can go more smoothly once you start setting things up in your new home.

Put all these little bags of screws in a belt bag you wear for the move and inform everybody during assembly time that you have all these tiny essentials with you.

6. Use Similar-Sized Boxes or Cartons.

The same sizes of boxes are not only easier to move around using a trolley, but you can pile them on top of each other better, too. If you want to make sure that your large collection of belongings will fit in just one truck, this is one of the best strategies to use.

So there you have it, six great tips that you can use to organize your move like a pro. There are still more that you can use, just set aside some time to look for them online and you can have the assurance that most, if not all, aspects of your move will go according to plan.

Craig Jones is the Managing Director at Aussiemove, Australia’s largest independent moving alliance. Craig is a respected member of the removalist network in Australia, having served in senior positions, including the President of the removal industries governing body, the Australian Furniture Removals Association (AFRA). With 23 years of experience at Aussiemove, he has the skills and the highly trained team to move families safely and reliably, in Adelaide, across Australia and around the world.

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