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3 Reasons Why Should Own a Fire Pit {Update July 2020}

3 Reasons Why Should Own a Fire Pit

3 Reasons Why Should Own a Fire Pit {Update July 2020} – Summer is just around the corner, and for everyone who says fire pits are just for the cold days of winter, we’ve got something to say to you: you couldn’t be more wrong! There are numerous benefits of owning a fire pit – whether it’s the modern gas ones or the warm and classical wood burning ones like these – beside the warm embrace of fire in those chill nights, with a blanket over your shoulders and a hot chocolate on your hands.

Today I’ll be offering you some of the reasons why I decided to get one just in time for summer. It all started when I was confined to my garden, due to the lockdown, and felt a boring monotonous vibe, even though I have a pool and a trampoline for the kids. But it felt empty, with no personality. A friend’s hang out in my outdoor area started to become boring after 30 minutes. That’s where my close friend said: “Hey, maybe you should get a fire pit!”

That suggestion changed the way I viewed my backyard. I started to look into it and after a couple of days, I got one. So, here are the top 3 reasons I think you should follow my steps:

1 – BBQ Heaven

Everyone has been to that party where the BBQ chef takes care of everyone’s order and ends up giving you a vegan hamburger when you clearly asked for a rare steak. That’s because a regular grill does not offer that much space and consequently, that community vibe. Now imagine my surprise when I made my first BBQ with my brand new fire pit and everyone just started gathering around it and cooking their own food, be it steaks, hamburgers, vegetables, and others. Not only is it, overall, a more efficient way of cooking, but it creates a fun and inclusive vibe that made us stay there, having fun, till morning.

2 – Cozy, cozy, cozy

It could be a hot night. It doesn’t matter, if you fire up the fire pit, people will immediately gather around it. There’s something fascinating about looking at the fire and sharing a moment with our friends – like a primal instinct from our antecessors. If you create a comfortable space around it, with some sofas, lounge chairs, puffs and other furniture, you’re guaranteed a chill, relaxing and fun evening. 

3 – Bright No-Mosquitoes Zone   

Everyone who has used lights on their outdoor areas, especially those who live in more humid climates, know how they can turn out to be a mosquitoes heaven. Sure, you can get those zappers, but who enjoys listening to that thing zapping all night? That’s why a fire pit is a perfect solution for a lighted backyard. Not only do you get natural warm light, but the smoke will get rid of those mosquitoes in no time – I just wished it would also get rid of some guests that don’t seem to be able to leave such a comfortable place…

Final Thoughts

Look, at the end of the day, your decision should always be a thoughtful one. Think about the type of activities you usually do in your garden and the ones you wish you could do. Think about its current vibe and the one you wish you could reach. If you think, for the reasons above, that a fire pit can help you out, then there’s not really a dilemma, mainly because there are amazing products at very affordable prices. Thanks for reading!

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