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Raksha Bandhan Thali Decoration at Home

Raksha Bandhan Thali Decoration at Home

If Rakhi’s plate is decorated in Rakshabandan, then the brother’s heart is pleased and he also feels his specialness. Nowadays, a readymade Rakhi plate is also coming in the market, but if you decorate the plate for your beloved brother, then how will you think? If the rituals are performed in a manner best decorated with thal, then the festival society doubles. So let us now tell you how to decorate the Rakhi plate, that brother’s heart is pleased.

How to Raksha Bandhan Thali Decoration at Home

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Rakhi’s Thali is a type of worship plate (Pooja’s thali) also, Rakhi’s Thali is considered very auspicious. –

  • Since this is to be used in the plate worship, so if you use a new plate it will be better
  • You can also select rounded plate, which keeps it easy to keep things in it.
  • To decorate the plate you can select the Velvet paper or cloth to paste in it.
  • The color of Velvet paper or cloth you choose yellow or red because these colors are considered to be auspicious according to the worship
  • Paste this Velvet Paper or cloth well in the plate, now according to your according to Kundan, Stones, Zardozi, decorate it well with the stars, if you make the Swastika while decoration, then this shuddha will also be used and the plate will be one Traditional is also available. If you want, a Ganesh can also keep a small statue.
  • Now, for the sake of keeping the Kumkum, turmeric and rice, also be adorned with small bits, but do not wear valvate papers or clothes under their borders, take care of them, decorate them from the outside. Stick them in the plate and dry well.
  • When all this happens, keep the rakhis in the plate and keep the Kumkum, Turmeric, and Rice in the baskets and keep the brother’s favorite dessert or ghee in one part of the plate.
  • Put some small bits in the plate. If you want you can paint these bamboo colors with your favorite colors. Then put Kumkum, turmeric, rice and curd etc. in the same bowl.
  • Rakhi on the left side of the plate and keep your brother’s favorite sweets and fruits on the right.
  • You can also keep a small statue of God Shri Ganesh or Lord Shri Krishna in the plate; this will make your plate look more traditional.

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