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How to Select a Perfect Bit

How to Select a Perfect Bit

Regardless of whether you need to complete a manufacturing job or some construction work with precision, you make the final product until you don’t have the right drilling tool in your hand. Different drilling jobs need different kinds of drill bits. Picking the correct drill bit will save you time, money, and a lot of headaches.

How to Select a Perfect Bit:

First of all, what are you going to drill? Soft materials cut easily with any type of bits, yet hard materials need particular kinds of bits for a pleasing result. A few bits are known for their accuracy level while some are cost modest and drill quickly & efficiently.

Each bit is made from a particular material or has a specific kind of coating to drill specific holes. Aside from this, bit size and the tip’s edge are additionally significant in for getting the best results when drilling

Let’s start with drill bit materials. To penetrate into softwood, you can purchase a bit produced from low-carbon steel. High-carbon steel will give good results on hardwood. These two types of bits need frequent sharpening. High Steel bits are viewed as ideal for penetrating into soft to medium hard metals. With lubrications, high-speed steel bits will hold up pretty well at high temperatures.

On the other hand, cobalt bits are the bit to use when drilling hardened steel/. Stainless steel, aluminum, and other intense metals can be drilled effectively with these bits also. However, be cautious while drilling as this material is fragile and can break easily. When discussing coating, black oxide is a type of coating on the bits which helps with durability and life of any bit.

Titanium coated bits perform well and the coating helps in lessening the amount of friction. There are a lot of drill bits available in the marketplace including brad point, wood screw, twist, spade, Forstner, hole saw, countersink, step, and many others.

Whatever sort of drilling job you do, you should remember several things when drilling.

Things to Remember Before Drilling:

  • Keep the speed slow to bore into hard surfaces.
  • Decrease the speed according to the depths of the hole respectively.
  • Apply cutting fluid before drilling into metal surfaces.
  • Make sure the drill bit is relatively sharp
  • Wear safety glasses.

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