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What Is a Double-Glazed Window?

Windows are an integral part of every building and vital for comfortable living.  Good-looking windows become an important design element and serve for the pleasant general appearance of the house.  Each unit normally consists of a glazed part, frame, sealants, and fittings.  The ability of the window to serve as good sound isolation and heat insulation unit depends on the quality of its every component.  Let us now take a deeper look at double glazing constructions.

Double-glazed construction is an airtight combination of two panes of glass with an air chamber in between.  The chamber is filled in with inert gas or vacuumed.  This creates a natural barrier, which serves for sound isolation and permits heat waste.  There is a desiccant material at the bottom of the chamber.  If the tightness is lost, moisture will get inside and, with the change of the seasons, this will furtherly lead to foggy windows’ problem.

Energy-saving and sound permitting abilities are the most popular characteristics of double-glazing units.  However, they are also known for their good safety anti-burglars features.  Compared to standard single glass units, double glazing is a safer and more reliable option.  Single glazing can break much easier and faster, at the same time double glazing will demand much better effort to get inside.  Although opening and closing such constructions are easy and convenient, to break it is not a “one-minute” work.

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Double-glazed windows, upon the request, can be additionally equipped with special coating (such called Low-E glass and i-glass) to protect the premise from UV rays and to serve as an additional barrier against the heat waste in winter and excessive sunshine in summer.  It is important to mention here that re-glazing windows service, offered by your window company, can only include the glass pieces change, and it does not necessarily need the whole unit replacement. Apex Window Werk’s main purpose to offer only the necessary work and do not need the customer to go for an additional expense unless needed.

With respect to the newest technologies, window frames are produced from a wide variety of materials:  

  • Plastic frames are popular for being fire-resistant, durable, able to withstand temperature drops, and available in any color and at affordable price.
  • wooden frames are much respected because of being a natural friendly to environment material, which is durable if thoroughly taken care about.  Wooden frames create natural ventilation.  The manufacturing process involves the use of hardwood.  This reduces the possibility of distortion during installation.  The cost of such products is quite high. 
  • Aluminum frames are considered to be the most durable and mostly used in commercial buildings.  They are nice looking, resistant to temperature drops and corrosion process, available in any color.  However, these frames do not really have good heat-saving abilities.  Since the latest technologies advanced this parameter and gave a better appearance, this type can also be found in private buildings now.  

Even though good heat saving and sound-isolating abilities of a glazing unit are more important than the material the frame is made of, but we do recommend considering the quality of both these components to choose the best windows for your residencies.  

The decision on the type of windows must be taken considering the conditions in which the windows will be exploited in order to obtain the best protection against external factors:  cold, street noise, solar radiation, etc., and also, not to overpay for the characteristics, which are not relevant to your area. So, after you have evaluated all the incorporated parameters:

  • position of the windows – southern or northern, etc;
  • frames variety;
  • the necessity for Low-E glass or other additional options

you then have to decide on the glazing company in your area.  

double glazing Reviews

One may think that is convenient to call the nearest company, but considering our experience in this field, it is always better to address all glazing services requests to an experienced company.  Apex Window Werks technicians have deep knowledge in installing glazing constructions and with the help of special equipment easily cope with the requests of different complexity.  The correct function of the double-glazed window depends on the quality of installation works.  Needless to say, that it is necessary to perform all works at the right level and exact angles, because the slightest deviation from the level will create additional pressure on the fittings, which can quickly become out of order.  

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